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Scar Revision

We offer effective solutions for Scars on your body and face. Micro-Needling with infusion of sophisticated serums that Increase Collagen Production, Stimulate Skin Restoration and integrity leading to Smoother skin, reducing scars and stretch marks. Specific serums for:

  • Reducing inflammatory conditions and increasing Collagen Production
  • Draining solution for Circulatory Disorders and Fluid Retention (great for Lymphatic Drainage)
  • Stimulating Cell repair and re-structures Protein Network of dermis
  • Increasing hydration and firmness to the skin
  • Enhancing Skin integrity

Cost: Treatment Starts at $350


Sophisticated Micro-Current treatment. The state of the art computer reads the tissue every 2.5 thousandths of a second which energizes the cells by reading the individual tissues and dosing the exact energy the cells are able to accept. The treatment helps to restore normal skin and muscle cells causing them to regenerate. Helps improve the underlying muscle tone to help re-contour features and help to regenerate the condition of the skin surface that can be effective for Scar Revision.

Cost: $180 per Treatment

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