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It has been the best experience by far when it comes to spa and wellness facilities. I knew I had stumbled upon something that no longer exists in the Health & Beauty industry, which is nurturing care which is the true nature of Kathryn.
I had rapid results within days, and this is due to the preciseness of each session and the thorough instruction given by Kathryn for home care.
I no longer need to use makeup to cover up uneven skin tones, which I never expected to be doing during the early stage of the treatments.
Yes, Kathryn followed up to ensure I was ok after hours after my first treatment, which is unheard of. Always prompt, frequent and encouraging; it gives the sense of being the only client at times. I just don’t know how she does it.
Very professional and attentive during each visit.
Again, I will say this: None in comparison when it comes to being passionate about the client’s best interest and providing the best treatment, which can only guarantee the best results.
Yes, to everyone who has noticed the drastic change in my skin.
The confidence to go out without makeup; it’s something I’ve dreamt about which is now my reality.
Luxe Beauty and Wellness and Spa is truly the Only One Of Its Kind! The atmosphere is toxic with pure and genuine loving care. A Home Spa sense of feeling where the sole agenda is prone to see the best results. Thanks Kathryn!

Claudia H.
My experience at Luxe Beauty has been excellent.

My experience at Luxe Beauty has been excellent. It’s been a real treat to be educated on skin care from Kathryn.
Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she’s also very patient and caring. You can tell she loves what she does.
With Kathryn’s recommendations of treatments and creams appropriate for my skin, I’ve seen an improvement on my face. The wrinkles are much more subtle.
I was becoming increasingly aware of my wrinkles and wanted to treat them.
After coming across Luxe Beauty video on Instagram, I became intrigued. I was so pleased the location was close by I contacted them.
With Kathryn’s prompt return call, I began to take better care of my skin. I was grateful for Kathryn’s Aerolase and VZone treatment suggestions. These treatments really work! I started using Sothy’s and Guinot’s line of oils and creams. I’ve noticed an improvement in the wrinkles; they were being less noticeable, and my skin was more nourished and soft. I had positive comments too. This has given me more confidence and a great feeling.
Luxe Beauty staff is very efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and caring. With my results, I’ve recommended them to friends and family members for skin care needs. I’m excited to continue my sessions for more and more results.
Thank you, Kathryn, it is always a treat to get a facial or treatment from you!

Louise C.

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