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MELINE Depigmentation Solutions

A world-renowned expert in the field of hyperpigmentation, MELINE is formulated to address multiple forms of hyperpigmentation on the face and body, for all skin photo types and ethnicities. 

Repeated exposure to the sun, pregnancies, hormonal fluctuations, some diseases, medical drugs, pollution and aging mechanisms can be responsible for the appearance of brown patches on our skin. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for pigment are easily triggered by the sun, heat or trauma.  These cells can become overactive, creating over time spots or patches of discoloration that is difficult to remove. The melanin pigments tend to come back under sun exposure and hormonal imbalance, making it challenging to have long term control on this condition. 

MELINE is proud to differentiate itself from other peel lines.  The protocol consists of 2 phases: in-spa and the home portion.  Professional home use program protocol is essential in achieving safe suppression of melanocytes. 

MELINE Caucasian and Ethnic Peels

MELINE offers a unique and innovative approach for depigmentation.  The program reduce and control hyperpigmentation disorders such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and brown spots.   

Free of hydroquinone, these Health Canada approved face peels can effectively and safely approach hyperpigmentation for ALL skin photo types and ethnicities.  A proper skin analysis by your skin professional will determine your treatment program.   

MELINE peels also help improve your skin texture, thus diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars and mild acne. 

MELINE peels consist of a first phase being an in-clinic treatment and the second phase is a professional grade protocol at home.  This method is what results in 70-80% reduction of melasma after one complete protocol according to clinical studies. 

Our Melasma Program consists of: One In-Office chemical peel, MELINE Day Cream, MELINE Night Cream, MELINE Moist, Lavigne Moisturizing Cream and LaSpa Sunscreen (SPF50) — $875.00 

MELINE Dark Circles

MELINE Dark Circles program will brighten the skin around your eyes, including the upper lids.  In-Clinic treatment will be optimized by the professional home use protocol.  This program is designed to reduce pigmentation of the dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.     

In addition the skin texture is improved, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increasing firmness of the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Our Dark Circle Program consists of: One In-Office Dark Circle Treatment, MELINE Dark Circle Cream, MELINE Moist — $515.00

MELINE Intradermal/Micro-Needling Treatment

MELINE IntraDermal Treatment is designed to target pigments in your deeper layer, the dermis. Commonly known as collagen induction therapy, Micro-needling helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.  Infusing MELINE sterile solutions specifically designed for Micro-Needling.   

The approach stimulates production of new collagen as well as reducing pigmentation.  The MELINE IntraDermal treatment can also be combined the MELINE peels.   

Our IntraDermal programme includes: Micro-Needling In-Office, MELINE Day Cream, MELINE Night Cream, MELINE Moist, LaSpa Sunscreen (SPF50), Lavigne Moisturizing Cream and MELINE Mask — $995.00

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