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Treatments solutions that help skin tones and texture, minimizing stretch marks and cellulite to help restore youth by effectively tightening lifting and thickening of the skin delivering visible skin results painlessly and safely with little to no down time.

  • TriPolar RadioFrequency Treatments are safe painless and pleasurable treatment that help improve the appearance of the skin – Starts at $250 and up
  • Fine Lines diminished
  • Warming of Dermis improves collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid Production result in tighter smoother looking skin
  • Micro-Needling with Infusion of Serums with Sterile Medical Grade Needles reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increasing collagen production and triggering spontaneous healing process that results in thicker more supple cellular matrix resulting in visibly younger looking skin. Prices for MicroNeedling start at $350.00 & up
  • PQA Body is a non-invasive treatment that revitalizes the skin. PQA Body is a treatment that improves the tone and texture of the body’s skin. The result is that skin is moisturized, elastic, brightened while reducing stretch marks and cellulite. Treatment starts at $200 and up depending on the area(s) covered.
  • V-Carbon/Hollywood Peel is made up of two cosmetic products that when used together obtains great appearance of flawless smooth and younger looking skin on the face or body. Overall it provides an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin keeping it looking healthy and glowing – $200 per Treatment
  • Guinot Body Slimming Treatments can help women slim quickly and effectively in areas of concern. The Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment visibly minimizes cellulite by reducing fact and smoothing dimpled skin – Treatment starts at $160 to $200 depending on area covered.
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